Brian Bromberg

Collection I

Brian Bromberg "COLLECTION volume 1" This cd is a collection of songs from Brian's first four records. A NEW DAY, BASSES LOADED, MAGIC RAIN, and BASSICALLY SPEAKING.None of these titles are commercially available at this time.

This is the only place you can purchase any of this music

  1. Magic Rain (real audio)
  2. Isn't It Beautiful
  3. L.A., Land Of The Barking Car
  4. Just The Bass
  5. Ten West (real audio)
  6. You & I
  7. Bassically Speaking
  8. My Funny Valentine
  9. Basses Loaded (real audio)
  10. Gold Rush
  11. Song for B.J.
  12. Mushy Tushy
  13. Summertime
  14. Oriental Ho-dow


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