Brian Bromberg

You Know That Feeling
  You Know That Feeling - Album Cover
With the release of his first solo record in 5 years, Brian Bromberg claims his rightful place among the world's elite bass players. The multitalented player, composer and producer has been acclaimed for his unique and versatile abilities. Fow other bass players anywhere can play both electric and acoustic bass with such virtuosity.

There are NO GUITARS on this recording!! It's all Bromberg Bass! Checkout the incredible rockin' bass on "Na Na Na Na Na Na" and "Joe Cool", the groove of "Hero" featuring Rick Braun, dedicated to Zebra artist Zachary Breaux and the Metheny-esque "I Fell Asleep As A Child... And Woke Up A Man". Look for the first single "By The Fireplace" featuring Jeff Lorber, Everette Harp and Brian on Piccolo Bass.

Other guest's on this 10 track masterpiece include Rick Braun, Joe Sample and more! Zebra kicks off 1998 with "You Know That Feeling". It's gonn' be a great year!

THERE IS NO GUITAR ON THIS RECORDING. All guitar sounding tracks are played by Brian Bromberg on basses tuned in the register of a guitar.

The list of songs on the album:
  1. Hero - Dedicated to Zachary Breaux (real audio)
  2. Through The Window
  3. My Love
  4. By The Fireplace (real audio)
  5. September (real audio)
  6. I Fell Asleep A Child...And Woke Up A Man
  7. You Know That Feeling
  8. A Love Affair
  9. Na Na Na Na Na Na
  10. Human
  11. Joe Cool
  12. Goodby

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