Welcome to the world of bassist, producer, drummer, composer, Brian Bromberg!

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Brian Bromberg is considered to be one of the world's most ground breaking and diverse bassists of our time, pushing the barriers of the acoustic and electric bass to their limits. Commonly using as many as 10 or more basses on his recordings, using different tunings, string configurations, acoustic basses, electric basses, piccolo basses etc... Brian has taken the bass and truly turned it into a vehicle for him to make music, write melodies, and be the lead melodic voice as well as the rhythmic foundation of the music. The bass has become an extention of the music inside him, and he has used all of these different basses to let that music sing!

To hear excerpts of all of Brian's CD's, please click on the music player at the bottom left of this page, there are hundreds of songs you can check out right here at your fingertips!