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My CD "Choices," is a recording made up of music that has been in my mind and heart for a long time. Most of the music on "Choices" was written from life experiences. I look at a CD as a book of short stories. Each song is a different story with a common theme of the artists voice. I wanted to tell many different kinds of stories with this collection of music, using vastly different types of songs and styles; from funky grooves like "Never Give Up", "Bass Face" and "B²," all the way to true human experiences like the Columbine High School tragedy in the song "Why?," and the song "Hear Our Cry," which is my story of a fight for freedom and a tribute to the indigenous people of Africa.

The one thing I can tell you about this CD, is that it is a big picture CD, not just a CD about bass playing. All of the guitar sounding parts were played on basses tuned to the register of a guitar, and truly uses the bass in many different ways showing the versatility of the modern bass, and allowing the player to be more melodic and tell those stories that we all have inside us. I hope you enjoy "Choices" as much as I enjoyed recording it...

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