Bass players! Brian Bromberg is available to teach one on one or group lessons beginning mid November, 2023 and beyond as his schedule permits.

Whether you play upright bass, electric bass, or both, you can now work with Brian from the comfort of your own home, anywhere in the world!

Please send an email to to schedule your time with Brian, then go to the store page on this website to confirm your time. Thank you!  

Hey everyone, here is the link to my Pandora Stories session. I talk about each song on my new album, "The Magic of Moonlight". It is so cool that they asked me to do this. I talk about how I wrote the songs, the inspiration, the vibe, the musicians etc. It is a really great thing Pandora does for artists. I hope you check it out!

A story on me in Jazz Times with one of my bass hero's on the cover, the amazing Buster Williams!

A story on me in Bass Player with the one and only Bootsy on the cover!


OK...OK.... Pinch me, I must be dreaming! #1 on Billboard Smooth Jazz Charts and The Smooth Jazz Network at the same time!!! That is a first for me in my career. Thank you again to Bud Harner working radio, everyone at Mack Avenue/ Artistry Music Records, Billboard reporting stations, Allen Kepler and the Smooth Jazz Network, and last but not least all of the great musicians who I will say again took my notes written on a page and made them some seriously funky music. My first single "Coupe DeVille" cruised to the top of the charts in Cadillac style, oh my!

Wow!! #1 Baby! Thank you Allen Kepler and the Smooth Jazz Network for the Honor of being #1. It's even more special when it is your own tune and production. A special thanks to Najee, Paul Jackson Jr., Tom Zink, Franklin Richardson lll, Lenny Castro, Lee Thornburg, Nick Lane, Doug Webb, Andrew Neu, and Tom McCauley for helping me make a #1 track. Totally Awesome!