OK...OK.... Pinch me, I must be dreaming! #1 on Billboard Smooth Jazz Charts and The Smooth Jazz Network at the same time!!! That is a first for me in my career. Thank you again to Bud Harner working radio, everyone at Mack Avenue/ Artistry Music Records, Billboard reporting stations, Allen Kepler and the Smooth Jazz Network, and last but not least all of the great musicians who I will say again took my notes written on a page and made them some seriously funky music. My first single "Coupe DeVille" cruised to the top of the charts in Cadillac style, oh my!

Wow!! #1 Baby! Thank you Allen Kepler and the Smooth Jazz Network for the Honor of being #1. It's even more special when it is your own tune and production. A special thanks to Najee, Paul Jackson Jr., Tom Zink, Franklin Richardson lll, Lenny Castro, Lee Thornburg, Nick Lane, Doug Webb, Andrew Neu, and Tom McCauley for helping me make a #1 track. Totally Awesome!

Some...Na...Bitch! #3 on Billboard Smooth Jazz Radio Charts! Thank you so much Billboard reporting stations and Allen Kepler from the Smooth Jazz Network for this great ride with my first single "Coupe DeVille" from my new CD "Thicker Than Water." I can't even tell you how rewarding it feels to have one of your original songs do so well at radio. Thank you for the love and support, just awesome!

Movin' on up, to the East side! #7 Wheezy! Thank you Billboard Smooth Jazz radio reporting stations for the support of the first single “Coupe DeVille” from my new CD “Thicker Than Water.” It is so damn cool and humbling as there is a lot of great music to play out there and you are supporting mine!
Also if you happen to be in the Atlanta area on Thursday, September 27. I will be playing at the Suite Food Lounge, love playing there. Please join us if you can!

Top 10 Baby! I want to thank the Billboard Smooth Jazz radio reporting stations for the support of the first single “Coupe DeVille” from my new CD “Thicker Than Water.” I think this is my 13th top 10 track at radio? It is an amazing feeling and I am truly blessed to be able to record my music and get it on the air. A shout out and thank you to Bud Harner who is doing the radio promotion on my CD. Thanks for workin’the music man!

Review for Thicker Than Water in Bass Musician Magazine by Raul Amador.

It has been a while since I have had a chance to write an album review, but when I got Brian Bromberg’s “Thicker Than Water” I was motivated on the spot… and here I am writing.

Every time I have listened to Brian’s bass playing in the past, I have been blown away, this time even more so. This CD has a lot going for it, but the Funk simply made my upper lip curl while I listened. Check out this first track, “Is That the Best You Can Do?”

Brian brought out no less than eleven basses to record this CD.

He handpicked each one for the specific voice he wanted to have on each song. Rapid fire slapping, clear and precise solo licks and a very prominent bass presence in the mix are just some of the qualities I enjoyed the most. I did notice that there were no guitars used in this project but they were not missed, as  the piccolo bass did that job perfectly!

Even though there are a few tracks with Brian by himself on either electric or upright, I must applaud his choices in supporting musicians for this project, as they are excellent! 

Tight horns, sweet sexy sax work, energetic percussion, precise and supportive keys and masterful writing  & arrangements really bring this album to life. It is superb music for bass fans and the general public as well.

“Thicker Than Water” is a must hear! You get thirteen tracks of musical excellence and it is a recording that I am eager to share with my friends and family, perhaps over a cold glass of Vino Verde!